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What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files, containing small amounts of information, which is downloaded to your device during your visit to our website. Using cookies allows website to recognize your device and helps to remember information about you and your preferences. Recognizing your device with cookies allows you to obtain the information and services you have requested more efficiently, making navigation easier.

What cookies do we use and for what purposes?

On our website we use the following cookies:

1) Session cookies are temporary files downloaded to your device during your visit to our website and deleted at the moment of closing you browser/These cookies allows to remember your language selection and other preferences to help you to view the most relevant information.

2) Cookies from Google Analytics.These cookies collect provide statistical information on how visitors find and use our website, and how well the site is performing. This unable us to collect and analyze data on number of visites to our website, browsing history and browsers used.

3) Permanent cookies are recorded for a specified period of time, which may be from 1 month to 10 years, but you can delete them yourself if you wish. The goals for regular cookies are:

– Browser Detection – Cookies that allow the browser to be recognized and more securely used by the website.
– Service provision and maintenance – cookies that support ArcaNova’s services.
– Website security and service integrity – Cookies that help design your services and create the best user experience.
– User statistics and analysis – Cookies that provide information on how and how often ArcaNova websites are used, which user groups and which search tools are used. Cookies statistics can also be obtained from related websites.
– Provision of services and user needs analysis.
– Cookies to help develop the most relevant offers for customers.

Over time, ArcaNova’s cookies can be upgraded and customized to improve service quality.

How can I change the user’s cookie settings and choose?

You can manage cookies using browser settings. Almost all browsers allow deleting cookies stored on hard disk. You can either delete all cookies or configure your browser to do not store cookies or prohibit using cookies on your device. More details about cookies settings you can obtain from your browser provider.

Please be aware that deleting cookies or prohibiting/refusing using cookies, could limit the work of our website and some functions could be unavailable for you.

The following links provide guidance on how a user can tune in to the most common web browsers for cookies and security settings:

Internet Explorer: