Arca Nova Element OÜ – belongs to the Norwegian group Arca Nova Gruppen which is a well-known and reliable company in their district in the sector of real estate development and construction. Several residential districts and groups of houses have been built with 25 years at the market. Arca Nova Element in Estonia has been active in production for 20 years.

The main production includes private houses and apartment buildings, but summer cottages, saunas, garages and other buildings have been also produced. Thanks to the major flexibility of element system and 40-year experience of the Norwegian engineers, our designer can always find a suitable solution for the client’s requirements and needs without major additional costs. As this system is reliable and developed together with the clients, we hope to be of help also for the most demanding client. We have mostly marketed our products in Norway.

All our clients are equally important for us. We always pursue to find reasonable solutions meeting the client’s requirements.


A house factory which belongs to Arca Nova Group and is located in Juuru municipality, 12 kilometres from Rapla in the direction of Kose.
Arca Nova Element OÜ belongs to a Norwegian group Arca Nova Gruppen which is one of the most well-known real-estate and construction entrepreneurs in its own location. We have built many residential districts and house groups during the 10 years in the market.
Our business centres on the production of apartment buildings with up to three storeys, but we can also off er private houses, cottages, saunas, garages and other buildings. One of our product lines consists of agricultural buildings: machine houses and barns for farm animals. The assortment is expanded regularly, bringing out diff erent solutions. The latest article is a series of machine houses which are easy to install.
Exterior wall modules and roof construction principles are suitable for all of the house types previously mentioned.
Due to large fl exibility of the modular system and the 25-year experience of Norwegian engineers we can always fi nd a suitable solution to the customer´s wishes and needs without extra expenses.
As the system is fi rm and worked out in cooperation with our clients, we hope to be of help even to the most demanding customers.
We have marketed our products mainly in Norway but we plan to increase our sales in Estonia. There are many reasons why people buy a modular house but the most important arguments are speed, quality and the possibility of year-round installation. In the Nordic countries, modular houses have proved to be very successful.
All clients are equally important to us. We always try to fi nd rational solutions to the client´s wishes. Materials that we use are of very high quality, Norwegian market demands it. That is the reason why speed and quality are absolutely essential to our company.
We appreciate our employees because well-trained people are hard to fi nd and training takes time and resources. We wish to off er good working conditions and performance-related wages.
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You are welcome to our house factory in Juuru. We will off er You a cup of coff ee and talk about Your house